lunedì 10 marzo 2014

MI AMIGO HUGO, Oliver Stone's latest documentary

Caracas, 06 Mar. AVN.- Documentary My friend Hugo, through which US director Oliver Stone tells the world that "it's time to have another view of Venezuelan politics built by the revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez," was premiered on Wednesday night in Venezuela's radio and television hookup.

At the end of filming his previous documentary South of the border in 2009, Stone shared with the commander a night of reflection on his life, the rebellion of February 4, 1992 and the historical importance of the headquarters of the Mountain military museum located in the January 23 parish, west of Caracas.
"My friend Hugo is a response to that night, is one of the feelings I did not express at the time, a sort of farewell," are phrases that audiovisual production starts with.
The documentary gathers testimonials from members of the cabinet, world leaders, family and aides of commander which for 50 minutes build an image of Chavez in his different facets, including the military, communicator, president, humorist, ranger, feminist and strategist.