lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

BARE-HANDED. Fighting the Islamic State.

Fight against terrorism: for the first time a camera enters a juvenile prison.

BARE-HANDED – FIGHTING THE ISLAMIC STATE, is the documentary about young returning fighters, and an experiment to save them. And save us.

For the first time a camera enters a juvenile prison of returning fighters: the goal is a documentary on the fight against the Islamic State, starting from teenagers. The Crowdfunding Campaign has  been launched to finance Bare-Handed – Fighting the Islamic StateThe location is the juvenile prison of Wiesbaden, the Hessian capital. The prison hosts teenagers aged 16 to 21 years, some of them returning fighters brainwashed by the IS propaganda. The social recovery of these young fighters is under an experimental project led by two men: Martin Meyer Husamuddin, a German converted to Islam who became an Imam, and theater director Arne Dechow. Together the two men are rising their challenge to the Islamic State, and the thorny issue of prisons radicalization.

The documentary is produced by the Italian production company Tfilm, and directed by the Berlin based director Stefano Obino. It has a simple and explanatory title: BARE-HANDED, indicating that the only way forward is not through weapons and fire arms, but through rehabilitation and prevention. Behind the barbed wire of the Wiesbaden prison, theater and faith come together, trying to channel the anger and the feeling of exclusion of second- and third-generation teenagers.

To support this documentary, a crowdfunding campaign has started on Indiegogo platform. The budget raised will finance its official presentation at the East European Forum, an important event for film industry professionals to be held in Prague (March 6-12), where the documentary can find the funding it needs to be finalized.

The director and the production have managed to overcome the German Federal Justice leaders’ and the prison directors’ initial skepticism: so far it had never been allowed to show what it means to try to save dozens of kids looking towards Syria and terrorism as their only way of social redemption. The result is the meeting with an unimaginable reality, made of still immature stories and lives perhaps irreparably injured, and with an experiment that fuses the Koran and Bertolt Brecht in an effort to protect Europe and the world.

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