mercoledì 23 luglio 2014

The Dream of Homer, odyssey into the dreams of blind people.

What do blind people dream about? More to the point, do they dream differently to other people? ‘Il Sogno di Omero’ (The Dream of Homer) is a project that seeks to answer these questions. The idea is to make a film but for now it’s just a documentary whose theme is the dream world of Rosa, Domenico, Gabriel, Daniela and Fabio, who have all been blind since birth. By keeping a spoken diary every morning as soon as they wake up, they recorded their personal experiences of REM sleep. The narrative structure was inspired by the Odyssey to describe the long journey home through their dreams. The aim of the project’s creator, Emiliano Aiello, was to tell the story of people who can’t see, from a new perspective: not the everyday facts, which has already been done, but something more personal and introspective. 

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